Kim Kardashian’s new ‘custom-built’ private jet features leather seats and cream cashmere accents that also matches her home

Gulfstream G65OER. BlueBarronPhoto /

Kim Kardashian shelled out $150 million on her own customized private jet ‘Kim Air’.

‘Kim Air’, Kim Kardashian’s new private jet, features leather seats and cream cashmere accents to match her California home. Kim now makes sure to always travel in style in her new mode of transportation.

The 41-year-old reality queen and billionaire businesswoman flew from Milan to Los Angeles in her brand new Gulfstream G65OER private jet, which, according to TMZ, she designed with the aircraft manufacturer from scratch.

Kim Kardashian paid $150 million on her own custom private jet ‘Kim Air’. Photo credit @mariodededivanovic / Instagram.

The publication notes that the total price of the plane, including customizations and accessories, would have cost Kardashian the sum of $150,000,000.

Kim Kardashian’s glamorous new private jet, which took a year to build, is equipped with Créme-colored interiors, cashmere trim and leather seats, a similar profile to her famous Hidden Hills home, valued at $60 million.

The exterior of the plane is even painted in the same Créme color, making it a perfect match for Kardashian’s monastery-like mansion.

Mario Dedivanovic, the reality queen’s makeup artist, posted a video to his Instagram as he boarded Kim Kardashian’s new private plane, which featured a carpet at the bottom of the steps that read “Kim Air.”

Dedivanovic also gave his followers a glimpse of the inside of the plane, which featured pre-prepared plates of food for those flying, including himself, Kardashian and stylist, Chris Appleton.

“All aboard #KimAir with the glamorous family,” the makeup artist wrote.

Kim traveled on the plane with her makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic and her stylist Chris Appleton. Photo credit @mariodededivanovic / Instagram.

To add some finishing touches to the whole flying experience on her private jet, once guests board ‘Kim Air’, they are offered a complimentary kit containing slippers and pajamas from her multi-million dollar shapewear line, SKIMS.

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TMZ noted that Kim Kardashian’s new private jet is of the same type as the one owned by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos.

The aircraft features cream-colored interiors. Photo credit @mariodededivanovic / Instagram.

Kim also posed for a photo inside the plane, along with her glam squad, while holding copies of her recent Vogue magazine cover.

This all comes after Forbes magazine revealed last year that the businesswoman and mother of four had officially become a billionaire.

According to the media outlet, Kim bought her plane brand new, and although it took a full year to build, it was ready in time for her vacation over the Christmas holidays.

About Gulfstream G65OER, Kim Kardashian’s new private jet

The G650ER is the long-range version of the G650, which was introduced in 2008, and is currently the world’s longest-range business jet.

Depending on configuration, it can accommodate up to 18 people and sleep up to ten, and offers a wellness environment, fast connectivity, up to four living areas, enhanced air ionization so you always breathe “fresh outside air,” quiet ride and the lowest cabin altitude available (4,580 feet at 51,000 feet, or 1,478 meters at 15,545 meters).

All of this allows Gulfstream to promise a relaxing and nearly delay-free flight, regardless of destination or flight duration.

Speaking of which, the G650ER’s maximum range is 7,500 nautical miles (8,630 miles / 13,890 km), while the top speed is Mach 0.925 (709 mph / 1,142 kph). In short, this private jet is perfect for the modern globetrotter, provided you can find one available and afford it. In Kim Kardashian’s private jet, both apply.

Kim’s Gulfstream G65OER. Photo credit @mariodededivanovic / Instagram.

The price of a new Gulfstream G650ER ranges from $70 million to $95 million, depending on options, but without further customization. A used one is cheaper at $55 million, if you can find it.

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