Would you pay $130 for this fantastic ice cream?

In the world of sweets, there are several desserts that stand out from the rest. London-based ice cream maker Snowflake Luxury Gelato created ice cream for the mega-rich, which definitely belongs to a special category.

This is no ordinary ice cream. It is a luxurious dessert decorated with golden leaves and pearls and even edible diamonds, made of sugar.

The fantastic dessert weighs 350 grams and was created from a handmade cone dipped in dark chocolate from Madagascar and decorated with golden pearls.

The cone is then filled with salted caramel ice cream and sprinkled with caramelized pecans, caramel-filled Belgian white chocolate truffles and raspberry-flavored macarons.

The ice cream is also decorated with caramel and Cadbury flakes. The price for this delicious ice cream is £100 ($130/€109).

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