Sherpa, the spectacular multi-purpose yacht with solar panels welcomes you to the future

The new 17-meter (55-foot) boat designed by the brilliant team of Arcadia Yachts is named “Sherpa”, a spectacular ship built from scratch and suitable for more than one purpose.

Depending on your layout and furnishings, this multi-purpose yacht can serve as a fishing boat, family cruise or a beautiful beachfront villa.

After having received 2 coveted prizes in the World Yachts Trophies: (“Most Innovative Yacht” from 15 to 25 meters in length and “Boat of the Year” in the motor yachts category) this beautiful boat must have a special place in your wishlist.

Sherpa is a name inspired by the Nepalese people of the mountainous region of the Himalayas. Owners can choose between an open deck (suitable for carrying loads) or a covered deck; while the lower deck area can be configured with one, two or three cabins.

The boat has been built from lightweight materials to improve fuel efficiency. In addition, the yacht has solar panels integrated into the superstructure that helps to power the onboard systems.

The multi-purpose yacht has a top speed of 25 knots, which should be more than enough to spend a wonderful day in the open sea.

Originally posted 2017-09-06 10:54:14.

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