Sherpa, the spectacular multi-purpose yacht with solar panels welcomes you to the future

The new 17-meter (55-foot) boat designed by the brilliant team of Arcadia Yachts is named “Sherpa”, a spectacular ship built from scratch and suitable for more than one purpose.

Depending on your layout and furnishings, this multi-purpose yacht can serve as a fishing boat, family cruise or a beautiful beachfront villa.

After having received 2 coveted prizes in the World Yachts Trophies: (“Most Innovative Yacht” from 15 to 25 meters in length and “Boat of the Year” in the motor yachts category) this beautiful boat must have a special place in your wishlist.

Sherpa is a name inspired by the Nepalese people of the mountainous region of the Himalayas. Owners can choose between an open deck (suitable for carrying loads) or a covered deck; while the lower deck area can be configured with one, two or three cabins.

The boat has been built from lightweight materials to improve fuel efficiency. In addition, the yacht has solar panels integrated into the superstructure that helps to power the onboard systems.

The multi-purpose yacht has a top speed of 25 knots, which should be more than enough to spend a wonderful day in the open sea.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is Sherpa?
    Sherpa is a multi-purpose yacht designed by Arcadia Yachts, known for its spectacular features and innovative design.
  • What are the dimensions of Sherpa?
    Sherpa measures 17 meters (55 feet) in length, making it a spacious and comfortable yacht for various purposes.
  • What can Sherpa be used for?
    Sherpa is a versatile yacht that can be used for fishing trips, family cruises, or even as a beachfront villa, depending on your preferences and customization.
  • Has Sherpa received any awards or recognition?
    Yes, Sherpa has received two prestigious awards at the World Yachts Trophies. It was honored as the “Most Innovative Yacht” in the 15 to 25 meters length category and also received the title of “Boat of the Year” in the motor yachts category.
  • Why is it called Sherpa?
    Sherpa is named after the Nepalese people from the Himalayas. The name reflects the yacht’s durability, reliability, and ability to handle challenging environments like the Sherpas in the mountains.
  • What deck options are available on Sherpa?
    Sherpa offers owners the choice between an open deck, which is ideal for carrying loads, and a covered deck, providing a sheltered and comfortable space.
  • Can the lower deck area of Sherpa be customized?
    Yes, the lower deck area of Sherpa can be configured with one, two, or three cabins based on the owner’s preferences and requirements.
  • What materials are used in building Sherpa?
    Sherpa is constructed using lightweight materials that enhance fuel efficiency, ensuring a more eco-friendly and economical experience.
  • Does Sherpa have any eco-friendly features?
    Yes, Sherpa is equipped with solar panels integrated into the superstructure. These solar panels help power the onboard systems, reducing reliance on traditional fuel sources and promoting sustainability.
  • What is the top speed of Sherpa?
    Sherpa can reach a top speed of 25 knots, allowing you to enjoy thrilling and exhilarating adventures on the open sea.
  • Where can I find more information about Sherpa?
    For more detailed information about Sherpa and its features, you can visit the Luxury Pictures website or contact our team directly for personalized assistance.
  • Can Sherpa be customized to suit individual preferences?
    Yes, Sherpa offers customization options to cater to individual preferences, ensuring that every owner can personalize their yacht according to their unique style and needs.
  • Is Sherpa suitable for long journeys?
    While Sherpa is primarily designed for shorter trips and day excursions, it can also handle longer journeys comfortably, providing a luxurious and enjoyable experience.
  • How can I add Sherpa to my wishlist?
    If you’re interested in adding Sherpa to your wishlist, simply visit our website and explore the yacht’s profile. From there, you can save it to your wishlist or contact our team for further assistance.
  • Are there any special financing options available for Sherpa?
    For information regarding financing options for Sherpa, we recommend contacting our team directly, as they can provide you with the most up-to-date information and guidance.
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