Dare to dream with this 140-meter super yacht concept with airship included

MY Dare to Dream

Designed for a visionary owner that’s passionate about yachts and also aviation, this revolutionary 140-meter-long super yacht designed to carry a blimp on board is everything you’ve ever dreamed of.

Its name is perfectly described by “MY Dare to Dream”, as it is a concept that combines the best of navigation and flight to explore the most incredible places, enjoying a walk through the waters of the Bay of Monaco or flying over the waters of the Mediterranean in an airship.

Below we show you the images of this super yacht wonder, the services and amenities it offers to its lucky guests.

The concept has been designed by George Lucian, a 29-year-old Romanian artist, who has managed to capture the wishes of billionaires on a daily basis in the Port of Monaco.

The concept is designed in such a way that, in addition to all the services that a super yacht offers, it also has an airship with accommodation for guests, a lounge for dining, having some cocktails or simply relaxing.

“My concept is inspired by the shipping industry and the design of military vessels, but also by my fascination with early century zeppelins that transported passengers across the Atlantic in a luxurious and romantic way,” explains its creator.

The name of the spectacular mega concept yacht is “MY Dare to Dream”, which will be around 140 meters (42.6 feet) in length; while the blimp would be called “Flying Diamond” and will be about 100 meters long.

The yacht has the capacity to comfortably accommodate at least 12 people, who can also enjoy the airship’s entertainment spaces.

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