The unique Bentley Continental GT

The unique Bentley Continental GT photo 1

After a long and anxious waiting, Bulgarian studio Vilner finally officially presented its exclusive tuning package for the luxury sports car Bentley Continental GT, on creation of which was spent eight months. The car was built on the individual order of the owner. The tuners for this project had to develop a unique body kit and fully upgrade the finishing of interior decoration. In addition to cosmetic refinements, the british sports coupe has received a new set of wheels, suspension and forced recustomized power unit.

The unique Bentley Continental GT photo 2

To achieve the level of exclusivity required by the customer, a designers of Vilner had to revise almost all body parts, except for the roof. With a new body kit car began to look a lot more aggressive, not only due to the shape of parts, but also due to its increased size. Body Length sports car has been increased by 13 cm, while its width grew a maximum on 8 cm. Thanks to the abundant use of carbon fiber tuners were able to slightly reduce the weight of the car.In forward part of a body established the massive front bumper with three air intake openings and lower apron, on the sides placed of the wider vented wings, connected by the sill and the stern was decorated with a modified rear bumper with integrated diffuser in it. Exclusivity tuned cars also highlights a spoiler on the trunk lid and dual exhaust tips. For an effective combination with a gray body were used black accents, including black rims. Reconfiguring an electronic engine control unit and some other improvements 6.0-liter W12 helped to raise the capacity of with the stock 559 to 660 horsepower and increase maximum torque from standard 650 to 780 newton meters. Maximum speed auto with grown from 318 to 325 km/h.

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