Impressive Marathon Coach motorhome sells for $2.6 million to lucky Disney lover

The owner of a Marathon Coach motorhome is someone who expects adventure and relaxation to blend seamlessly.

Marathon Coach motorhome

Some people simply have it all. So much so that they can afford to pay a whopping $2.6 million (€2.34 million at today’s exchange rate) for a custom motorhome to tour the United States with all the comforts of home, and when we say comforts, we really mean the extravagant luxury you’d only see in magazines and movies.

Folks, today we’re going to take a tour of this recently sold 2022 motorhome from Marathon Coach, with a fully customized Prevost H3-45 chassis with a theme that has allowed us to understand that there are still some adult-sized kids out there.

Now if you don’t know the history of Marathon Coach, it has been around since 1983 for one purpose and one purpose only, to create luxury, custom motorhomes and “corporate RVs”. That statement in quotation marks leads me to believe that the marvel before us is not just for some billionaire kid, but could possibly even be used by one of the Walt Disney Company’s top executives. Whether that’s true or not, I don’t think we’ll ever know. After all, privacy can be expensive, and these lucky owners have also paid for this luxury.

The interior design is another reason we think this palace on wheels belongs to someone important to Disney, or at least a client who can’t sleep without Mickey Mouse peeking into his bedroom. And it’s not just Mickey who joins the show; characters like Stich from Lilo and Stich also make an appearance, not to mention characters forgotten by new generations of children.

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To understand the lifestyle we have been granted to some human beings, we can start our tour from the entrance of the motorhome and head to the back until we feel like we are in some Walt Disney museum.

From your first step into this luxurious mobile mansion, the things you may notice are the leather and crocodile skin seat. Yes, the old alligator skins. If that takes your breath away, just hold on to the carbon fiber railing and stay upright.

Once you’ve caught your breath, you’ll take two steps inside the motorhome, only to have it taken away again at the sight of another lounger adorned in the same manner as those in the cabin. Any guest sitting here will be warmed in the presence of an electric fireplace, while on the other side of this lounge is an expansive sofa and dining area supported by a sliding platform.

Looking inside, one can see marble flooring spread out as far as the eye can see, solid wood cabinetry, plus leather, velvets and semi-precious metals highlighting the cabinetry.

LED lights are integrated into every inch of the motorhome’s interior and cast light on the furnishings that only brings out the best in the materials. See what the Marathon Coach team did with the ceiling and how it helps the marble floor pave your way to abundance.

As we continue our tour of this palace on wheels, I’d like you to divert your gaze to the upper cabinets, where you’ll see Disney memorabilia put on display with glass enclosures and lighting to make it all pop. The residential sized kitchen and brushed metal appliances are wonderful.

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Next, we headed to the less social areas, which are no less elegant and decadent than the rest of the motorhome. The presence of two bunk beds makes me think that this RV is not just for a Disney-loving kid, but for a family. On the other side, you’ll find a luxurious bathroom with marble floors, stone walls and a shower illuminated by lights hidden behind a granite slab; a detail that will also make your knees weak.

After a long day of walking around Walt Disney Land, it should feel great to sprawl out on a king-size bed big enough for you and your partner. At the foot of this bed, a wall-mounted flat screen will make sure you catch everything new that’s happening on Netflix. There is also a private bathroom here, but no shower.

There is a saying that imagination is more important than education. Walt Disney and many others have proven, time and time again, that this notion is true, even down to the Marathon Coach team that builds each of these luxury motor homes with an extraordinary amount of imagination.