Bentley Rally at the GT-RALLY EDITION: Bentley Continental auctioned on eBay

Bentley Continental GT Rally Edition

Get ready for the wildest version of a Bentley Continental GT, the “GT-Rally Edition”, a vehicle originally featured on National Geographic’s “Supercar Megabuild” television show and sold on the eBay auction site.

It is a luxurious Bentley Continental GT coupe completely transformed into a 4 x 4 inspired by Dakar, with an investment of more than $ 33,000 (26,841 euros) in off-road improvements.

Bentley Continental GT Rally Edition

The most valuable jewel in this great green treasure is under the hood and is its 6.0-liter 590hp W12 engine. Even so, the interior of the GT-Rally Edition maintains the characteristic luxury of a good Bentley with leather seats in beige.

The exterior of the GT-Rally Edition is even more interesting, thanks to its adjustable bumpers, 17-inch steel wheels, racing lights with LED technology and adaptive dampers.

Also worth mentioning is the incredible external protective “cage” and drums on the back.

The GT-Rally Edition can be driven perfectly on the streets, as according to the seller this incredible Dakar-inspired Bentley has passed all technical checks; Plus, with some extra work you could be ready to compete in the next rally.

Bentley Continental GT Rally Edition

You would have liked to buy it, right?

Bentley Continental GT Rally Edition

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