Carvana Giant Car Vending Machine

Giant Car Vending Machine 1

Vending machines have changed a lot since their inventor, the British Percival Everett, built the first coin-operated device in 1883, which provided postcards. Today, these machines sell a variety of items ranging from cold drinks, electronics, clothes and even hot pizzas.

Giant Car Vending Machine 2

The online car retailer Caravan launched the first car vending machine in Nashville, Tennessee. The facilities are designed to offer a unique experience for buyers, than no other car dealer can match.

Giant Car Vending Machine 3

The glass building includes a five-story tower that holds up to 20 cars in a clean, air-conditioned environment. Like a traditional vending machine, the buying process begins with a giant coin, as explained Carvana CEO, Ernie Garcia.

Giant Car Vending Machine 4

“Our new vending machine is a modern multi-storey structure that delivers cars our customers when they insert a custom currency. Carvana’s mission is to create a better way to buy cars, and this new machine will be a unique experience that reflects how simple and easy the process of buying a car can be.”

Giant Car Vending Machine 5

Customers arrive at the welcome area and select their name in a kiosk. They are then offered a Carvana coin, which has to be inserted into the dispensing mechanism. The car is then moved to the delivery area.

Giant Car Vending Machine 6

Caravana records the buying process and customers receive a personalized video that can share on social media. Once buyers receive their car, they begin a period of ownership test after which the car can be returned if they are not satisfied.

Giant Car Vending Machine 7

The Tennessee vending machine is not for local clients only. Carvana offers a $200 refund for airfare and luxury transportation from the Nashville airport to anyone from another state who wants to experience buying a car through a vending machine.

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