Best 7 Seater Luxury SUVs everybody wants

Beside affordable and basic SUVs which are suitable for everyone, 7 seater SUVs are also being produced in fancier forms which have higher performance and updated technology – called Luxury SUVs. It also offers, of course, more cargo space, secured safety, sensing system… (just to name a few.)

Let’s take a look at some of the best 7 seater luxury SUVs (or 7-passenger luxury SUVs), in no particular order.

1. Acura MDX
Best 7 Seater Luxury SUVs everybody wants - Acura MDX photo
On US News Ranking of Luxury Midsize SUVs, Acura MDX ranks number 3. This 7 seater luxury SUV is recommended for anyone looking for a 7-seat upscale crossover with amazing handling and full of technology stuff (navigation, a solar-sensing climate system…). Though it is not very economical (at 16/21 mpg city/highway), the well-built structure and good material make up for it. Critics and reviewers have shown enthusiasm in this six-speed automatic transmission SUV, it also offers customers at a very competitive price.

2. Lexus RX 350
Best 7 Seater Luxury SUVs everybody wants - Lexus RX 350 photo
This 7 seater luxury SUV is a combination between giving you the comfortable feeling and bringing you the class. Lexus has intention of giving RX 350 the sporty edge to change the reputation for good but boring performance. RX 350 is one of the best 7 seater SUVs that could combine ownership costs and positive reviews. For the 2013 edition, RX 350 would be upgraded with a power lift gate while maintaining the impressively well-made interior. Moreover, this 7 seater luxury SUV is considered based on quiet ride, smooth handling and good fuel economy that the Lexus RX is known for. Some critics also praise the interior design which is a great place to spend your time.

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3. Audi Q5
Best 7 Seater Luxury SUVs everybody wants - Audi Q5 photo
This masterpiece is one of the best 7 seater luxury SUVs that’s ever been made. With exceptional, balanced handling and an opulent, comfortable interior, it gets rave reviews from critics. Moreover, Q5 offers you style and look – exquisite design and high-quality materials. 2013 Q5 is reported by the EPA to be able to get up to 20/28 mpg city/highway, which is better than other luxury SUVs like the Volvo XC60. The front seats are generally described as large and cozy while second row offers adult-friendly space, the amount of cargo space is useful. Options and features available include: iPod and Bluetooth connectivity, push-button start, a blind-spot monitoring system and navigation, a rearview camera with parking sensors, a Bang & Olufsen sound system. Sound cool to anyone, right?

4. Infiniti EX
Best 7 Seater Luxury SUVs everybody wants - Infiniti EX photo
This 7 seater luxury SUV ranks No.1 on the list of Luxury Compact SUVs from US News. Although Infiniti EX does not have as much cargo and passenger space as the above SUVs, it does not lose its attention based on sporty performance, exquisite interior and comfortable ride. A standard 3.7-liter, V6 engine that has 325 horsepower and a 7-speed automatic transmission is presented in this year Infiniti EX models. The luxurious 7 seater SUV averages an EPA-estimated 17/25 mpg city/highway – which is low being compared with the above SUVs. However, strong brakes along with impressive quality and technology features excite reviewers and customers. Optional safety features include: An around View camera, intelligent brake assist, blind-spot monitoring and forward collision warning – bring you the most secured features of all.

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