A1 AUTO tunes the Mercedes-Maybach sedan and make it a high-end vehicle for VIP passengers

Mercedes Maybach A1 AUTO

The Mercedes Maybach has become the latest victim of the Russian tuning experts A1 AUTO. His latest project is a luxurious and exclusive version of this sedan ideal for VIP passengers and high-profile figures.

In the new Mercedes Maybach S-Class, passengers will be able to take tours of the highest level and hold important meetings, thanks to the modifications that the A1 AUTO team has carried out.

Most striking is a central dividing wall that provides insulation and provides greater privacy for passengers.

Mercedes Maybach A1 AUTO

This wall has a unique design that fuses high quality glass with sound insulation materials that completely cancel out external noises…. A feature that Putin would not hesitate to take advantage of!

It’s also worth talking about the changing opacity of glass, which can be darkened at the push of a button.

In case communication between the passengers and the driver is required while the dividing wall is raised, the Mercedes-Maybach S-Class has a standard speakerphone intercom system.

Mercedes Maybach A1 AUTO

And while this version of the A1 AUTO maintains the original digital touchscreens, the front seat headrests have been removed and installed in the division.

Finally, being a vehicle built for the highest profiles, a couple of pockets cannot be missing so that passengers can store reading material and important documents.

In addition to the leather upholstery, tuned with standard Maybach diamond stitch trimmed with Alcantara and wood veneer.

Mercedes Maybach A1 AUTO Mercedes Maybach A1 AUTO

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