10 Valentine’s Day gift ideas for the luxury lover

10 Valentine's Day gift ideas for the luxury lover

Valentine’s Day is all about showering the people you love with simple tokens of appreciation, but some people deserve a bit more than others. From boyfriends to best friends, luxury items are a great way to go for that special person in your life. Here are a few upscale items for the luxury lover.

1. Engraved watch
Engraved watch
If you’re going to splurge, you might as well go all out. An engraved watch is a personalized, sweet gift that can be worn every day without every person on the street knowing its romantic meaning.

2. Upscale handbag
Upscale handbag
Every girl loves a new handbag. If you’re shopping for a friend’s gift and sparing no expense, snag her that Coach bag she’s been eyeing lately.

3. Rich chocolates
Rich chocolates
If you want to get a luxurious item without the price, consider fancy, rich chocolates. They’re a great way to show your appreciation for someone close to you, such as a boss or coworker, without getting too personal or romantic.

4. Customized jewelry
Customized jewelry
You don’t have to go to Tiffany’s to get personalized jewelry. Independent shop owners on Etsy.com can create custom jewelry that won’t run you into the red.

5. Gift cards
Gift cards
If you know someone likes a particular store, but you’re unsure what to get her from there, let her pick it out herself. This way, you can provide her the funds and luxury without risking a bad choice.

6. Lux scarves
Lux scarves
February is still mighty cold. Help your giftee stave off the chill with a luxury scarf. Both super-soft cashmere and durable cotton are good places to start.

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7. A day out
A day out
Head downtown for a day of art gallery viewings, drinks and lunch with your special someone. Sure, it isn’t a physical gift, but it’s a great way to catch up and indulge.

8. Espresso machine
Espresso machine
For the coffee lover in your life, an espresso maker is an upscale gift that keeps on giving. Help him save money on those everyday coffeehouse lattes. It’s a practical yet totally luxurious gift.

9. Designer sunglasses
Designer sunglasses
Almost anyone can use a sexy new set of sunglasses. Engrave them with a phrase that means something special to the both of you.

10. New shoes
New shoes
If your man has been fawning over a pair of shoes just out of his price range, surprise him with them this Valentine’s. You already know he’ll love them, and he’ll use them for years to come.

Source: sheknows.com