Top 10 Most Expensive Jewelry On Earth

These gems are the most coveted in the world! The jewelry pieces they adorn often hold history and sometimes mystery.

#1 The Graff Pink: $46.2 Million

#1 The Graff Pink - .2 Million

This rare 24.78-carat pink diamond is nick named ‘pink panther’ and considered the “greatest diamond ever discovered for it classification”. Little is known about its origins, but Harry Winston sold it recently in an auction to jeweler, Laurence Graff. Its price is one of the highest ever spent on a piece of jewelry!

#2 The Patiala Necklace: $25 Million In The Year 1948

#2 The Patiala Necklace:  Million In The Year 1948

The Patiala Necklace owned by Maharaja Bhupinder Singh of India was stolen in 1948, although parts of it were recovered in a London antique shop in 1998. It originally had 5 rows of diamond-encrusted platinum chains and 2,930 diamonds at 962.25-carats! In the center 7 large diamonds, each between 18-carats and 73-carats surmounted a pendant holding the iconic 18-carat tobacco colored De Beers diamond, alongside 2 rubies weighing 29.58-carats!

#3 Heart of the Kingdom Ruby: $14 Million

#3 Heart of the Kingdom Ruby:  Million

A worldwide respected jeweler, Garrard owns this huge and rare 40.63-carat heart-shaped Burmese ruby, mounted on a 155-carat diamond necklace. Not special enough? It can also be transformed and worn as a tiara!

#4 Emerald and Diamond Tiara: $12.7 Million

#4 Emerald and Diamond Tiara: .7 Million

This emerald and diamond tiara holds 11 very rare Colombian emerald pear-shaped drops weighing around 500-carats. Its previous owner was Princess Katharina Henckel von Donnersmarck of old Upper Hungary, circa 1900. Sotheby’s Magnificent and Noble Jewels sold it for $2 million more than its original estimated price in 2011!

#5 Bulgari Blue Diamond Ring: $15.7 Million

#5 Bulgari Blue Diamond Ring: .7 Million

This 1972 art deco Bulgari two-stone features a triangular-cut blue diamond that weighs 10.95 carats, and another triangular shaped diamond weighing 9.87 carats. Flawless!

#6 L’Incomparable Diamond Necklace: $55 Million

#6 L’Incomparable Diamond Necklace:  Million

The 637-carat diamond set on a 18k gold necklace is named the world’s most expensive by Guinness World Records! The natural deep-yellow diamond is the largest internally flawless diamond graded by the Gemological Institute of America. Adorning the huge center stone are 35 round diamonds, 27 pear-shaped diamonds, 9 heart-shaped diamonds, 5 emerald-cut diamonds, 5 cushion diamonds, 4 oval diamonds, 3 Asscher-cut diamonds and 2 radiant diamonds. Whew!

#7 Heart of the Ocean Diamond: $20 Million

#7 Heart of the Ocean Diamond:  Million

Harry Winston made this 15-carat piece with a real blue diamond as homage to the 1943 film version of the Titanic. The lead actress in the early film wore a similar necklace created by London jewelers, Asprey & Garrad. Winston’s version was featured in the 1997 James Cameron film, ‘Titanic’ and is valued 10 times as much as the original.

#8 Diamond Bikini: $30 Million

#8 Diamond Bikini:  Million

Molly Sims modeled the diamond bikini in the 2006 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. It’s claimed to be the most expensive bikini in the world, and one of the most expensive jewelry pieces to date! There’s over 150-carat diamonds all set in platinum, created by designer Susan Rosen and Steinmetz Diamonds.

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#9 Wallis Simpson Panther Bracelet: $12.4 Million

#9 Wallis Simpson Panther Bracelet: .4 Million

The American socialite and Duchess of Windsor, Wallis Simpson donned the onyx and diamond panther bracelet made by Cartier Paris in 1952. Although missing a few stones, it brought in 3 times its estimated price at a recent Sotheby’s auction. Rumor has it that Modonna now owns it.

#10 Wittelsbach-Graff Diamond: $24.3 Million

#10 Wittelsbach-Graff Diamond: .3 Million

Legend is the stone was originally procured in 1664 by King Philip IV of Spain for his daughter’s dowry. True or not, it is known to have resided with a series of european royal families, where it was lost and recovered until in 2008, the jeweler Laurence Graff purchased and cut it into a 31.06-carat diamond.


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