This impressive Bel Air mansion, the holiday paradise of the super-rich, selling for $100 Million

Incredible from any angle! This impressive Bel Air mansion is looking for a new owner who is willing to pay up to $100 million (84 million euros) for the privilege of calling it “home”.

Located at 10979 Chalon Road in Bel Air, this impressive mansion was designed by the brilliant Donald Bolin, accompanied by the award-winning architect Vladimir Emanovich, to create a giant steel wrapped in molten marble and glass.

This extravagant property also offers incredible views of the 18-hole Bel Air Country Club, the Century City skyline and the Pacific Ocean, without losing privacy and luxury.

The house features colorful LED lighting, a waterfall that plunges into a huge 80 foot pool and a movie theater for 25 people. Surely your friends will love spending weekends in your mansion!

Do not forget the magnificent bowling hall with two slopes…

Or the movie theater that can accommodate up to 25 people…

New technologies allow this house to boast of lighting, music and areas to regulate the temperature from intelligent devices located anywhere in the world. And, since the property has four floors and 3,716 square meters [40,0002] of living areas, it is possible to accommodate up to 1,000 guests and 70 cars. No doubt this mansion looks more like a high-end hotel than a luxurious residence!

We see that there is enough room to organize amazing parties, but what about accommodation? The different rooms include a covered atrium adjacent to a cozy smoking room, a private wine tasting space, a spacious dining room and a glamorous lounge with floating marble rubbings, all overlooking the rooftop tennis court.

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We can not fail to mention the wood and marble floors and, of course, the luxurious atmosphere that can be felt all throughout the property. But wait… we have not yet finished showing you all that this incredible mansion has to offer.

The lucky owners will be able to enjoy a huge master bedroom of 520 square meters [5.6002], which includes two huge dressing rooms, individual bathrooms, showers and bathtubs.

For more relaxation, the owners of this wonderful mansion and their privileged guests can also benefit from a spa with two massage beds and even a beauty salon.

The rooftop pool and fully equipped bar should be mentioned too, including televisions, beer taps and wine chillers.

There is also a grassy courtyard for guests to relax and enjoy the incredible views around.

Do you think it’s worth paying $100 million (84 million euros) for this work of art? We have no doubt about it!

Originally posted 2017-09-07 10:57:46.