The luxurious $5.3 million Washington DC mansion where Barack Obama and his family will live after they leave the White House

The luxurious .3 million Washington DC mansion where Barack Obama and his family will live after they leave the White House

The luxurious $5.3 million Washington DC mansion, the soon-to-be Obama DC house, is where Barack Obama and his family will live after they leave the White House.

Barack Obama conditioned the presidential residence in the White House with their tastes (and Michelle, of course). Now his second period at the helm of the world’s most powerful nation comes to an end and the Obama must move to a personal home, a 3 million dollar house, like any other citizen.

According to a report from the site Politico, Obama has everything ready to move into a residence in Washington DC, close to Pennsylvania Avenue, which connects to the White House. This Obama house Washington DC is situated in an ideal location.

Although smaller than the presidential residence of the United States, the new Obama house, Obama’s DC home, is still a 5 million dollar mansion. The house was built in 1928 and covers a total of 8,200 square feet [762 m²] with nine bedrooms. It was on the market with a price of $5.3 million (€4.9 million) in May, before it was selected by Obama, who will not buy the house but they rented. In this Obama’s house in DC, owned by Joseph Lockhart (former White House press secretary), the Obama family will live until their youngest daughter, Sasha, finishes high school.

The Obamas want to put white bricks in the mansion that they will rent in the Kalorama area in Washington DC. Obama’s house in Washington DC is closed and private, although it is near the avenue, providing a comprehensive answer to those wondering “where do the Obamas live in Washington DC“.

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As you can see, the house has a large garage for several vehicles.


The main entrance has a vintage style.


Once you enter it is very elegant and it seems that you would have stepped back in time.


The fireplace gives a rustic touch to the residence.


The lounges are very spacious and welcoming.


The main room is very well lit thanks to the huge windows.


Although the real family room is located on the bottom floor.


The kitchen is modern and well lit, with marble countertops and luxury appliances.


It is also very wide.


The dining room is large with seating for the whole family.


This is the master suite located on the top floor.


This is the dressing room.


How beautiful the studio is.


The bathroom is really spacious.


The house has a total of nine rooms.


Upstairs there is also a studio.


In the basement there is a second kitchen, which also serves as laundry.


Outside, the garden has plenty of space to relax and sunbathe outdoors.