“Executive Moonstruck WorldTimer”: the most exclusive and innovative watch by Ulysse Nardin

When it comes to innovation, Ulysse Nardin always goes one step further. Now with its new Executive Moonstruck WorldTimer they show us once more that they are at the forefront of the newest technologies, as it is the only watch that represents the movements of the moon and the sun in relation to the earth and also the only one to incorporate in its dial a map of the tides.

The spectacular watch is available in a box of 18 carat pink gold or platinum, 46 mm in diameter. It is equipped with silicone technology and has been totally designed and produced in the Swiss watchmaker’s factory.

The new model recreates the orbit of the Moon and the apparent movement of the Sun around the globe, as seen from Earth; something completely innovative and different from what we have seen so far in astronomical clocks.

In the center of the dial, the Northern Hemisphere is depicted as viewed from the North Pole and six o’clock in London represents the Greenwich meridian, marking Greenwich Mean Time and three concentric disks revolve around this world map, which is kept fixed.

The outer circle, which represents the sun, completes the 24 hour journey in 24 different time zones and is equipped with a day and night indicator.

The moon appears in a lower orbit and is represented by two disks: in the upper part the first, which functions as a window showing the position of the satellite; below, the second golden disc, showing the changing phases of the moon.

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By separating this unique screen into two rotating parts, Ulysse Nardin has achieved such a high level of precision that the time lag for each lunar month is only 5.7 seconds per day. Finally we must mention the push buttons, at 8 and 10 o’clock, which allow the user to quickly move the time forward or backward an hour.

Surely you must be wondering what the price of the new Executive Moonstruck WorldTimer is, but the answer depends on whether you want it in pink gold or platinum. In the first case (pink gold – reference 1062-113 / 01) the watch has a price of $78,987 (65,715 euros), while if you decide on the model in platinum (ref. -113 / 01), the figure amounts to $100,000 (€83,197).

You like them? Hurry up, because only 100 pieces will be produced.